What is La Cruz Coastal Tourist Corridor (CTC)?

CTC or Coastal Tourist Corridor is a concept of territorial integration or unity from the touristic point of view. The theoretical concept of a Tourist Corridor, explains that “these are the connection routes between the zones, areas, population centers, tourist attractions, ports of entry and tourist-emitting squares which function as the structural element of the touristic space”.

A Tourist Corridor offers visitors the opportunity to know, in advance, the properly conditioned tourist resources, as well as, the available and ready to experience tourist services, whether you are enjoying a tour throughout the corridor or staying in it for several days.

La Cruz CTC integrates the most unique geological, natural, cultural, historical, adventurous and experiential attractions along the route, from La Cruz to Cuajiniquil or vice versa.

Is possible, through this route, to experience the enticing rural tourism, fishermen’s lives and wharfs, participate in activities on farms, take a tour to Bolaños Island Wildlife Refuge or get carried away by the wind in one of the top ten Kitesurfing spots in the world, all in the tropical gem of Puerto Soley.

In the community of El Jobo, tourists discover the small pristine beaches with few visitors, visit the distinctive Oyster Processing Centers and taste its extraordinary flavor first hand, tour the small towns with its various services or get to know the Recycling Center and meet the local ladies who manage it. Centro de Procesamiento de Ostras y degustar su extraordinario sabor, recorrer el centro de población con sus diversos servicios o conocer el Centro de Reciclaje manejado por un grupo de señoras locales.

If you continue along the route you will find breathtaking views of the Bay, until you reach a wooded path which marks the entrance to Junquillal Wildlife Refuge. The beauty of this Refuge is found along into its extensive beach with its beautiful sunsets, calm waters as well as the sounds and sighting of wildlife (birds, monkeys, iguanas).

A few kilometers from this Refuge is the community of Cuajiniquil, where it is possible to enjoy sport fishing tours, cetacean-watching, birdwatching or for the more daring, a tour of the Marine Area of Management Bahía Santa Elena. It is also possible to explore the town, getting to know the lifestyle of the fishing community, its life stories, and taste delicious seafood dishes. On the banks of the rivers of this community it is possible to observe a great diversity of wildlife or visit the neighboring farms towards Murcielago Sector of Santa Rosa National Park.

Both in La Cruz, as in El Jobo and Cuajiniquil, there are various options of lodging and gastronomic services ready to satisfy the needs and appetites of all guests.

Prepare to discover and tour La Cruz Coastal Tourist Corridor, an ideal location to explore.