La Cruz canton is located at the northern end of Guanacaste province, just 40 minutes from Liberia.

Directions Once you arrive to Liberia city, continue along the Inter-American Highway Route 1 to the north where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. A natural tunnel of dry tropical forest will welcome you to the La Cruz canton. Once you find the entrance to Santa Rosa National Park, you will know you are close. Continue for 10 more kilometers and you will find the entrance to the town of Cuajiniquil. Welcome to La Cruz Coastal Tourist Corridor! Another option is to continue route 1 for 15 more kilometers until you arrive to the small city of La Cruz, where you will enjoy one of the best views of Bahía Salinas, at the viewpoint (El Mirador). From La Cruz, you can start visiting the Coastal Tourist Corridor, which integrates the towns of Bahía Soley, El Jobo, and Cuajiniquil.